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Tales of a cameraman

Just another day at work

Very often the morning starts with a phone call from my producer." Go to place X, Y, Z - a bomb exploded. Minutes later sitting in my car listening to the first reports realizing what and how things will look like when I get there. If it was a suicide bomber carrying the bomb on himself than for sure blood and flesh is all around. In Kfar Saba I saw pieces of flesh some hundred meters away. Recently I put my tripod next to a finger some 80 meter away from the explosion. At the Dolphinarium disco in Tel Aviv the explosion was so strong that the whole place was full of tiny little pieces of human flesh. If it's to be a bus one can expect a strong smell of blood and diesel mixed. A car bomb would tear itself and its surrounding to pieces. And so on. After getting a picture of what awaits us when we get there We try to find a way to get with our car as close as possible to the core of the explosion and I must say , after 10 explosions I am not bad in that. The whole surrounding is blocked with cars mostly Police and Ambulances. The ways are closed and one has to know how to get near. Some other times the way was free. By the time you get there the wounded people are already taken and only the dead are left some times even for two hours .The police is looking for more detonations and is collecting important evidences. The Journalists are left to get close but not closer than 50-100 meters I always have the Fujinon x 21 that with a doubler does it. Sometimes there are roofs that you can climb on. An explosion brings usually a funeral. Religious Jews try to bury their dead as soon as possible.That's why sometimes we go to a funeral on the same day. Usually these are funerals where parents bury their kids. It sad. To overcome the situation I try to cry to feel the relief that comes after. In the evening I drive back home and try to forget all this. I am dirty and smelly .When I get home my children come to me with their daily stories and problems and that's when I feel sane again

A  few millstones
Radio days....1955
1970  I met Ben Gurion and a photographer cut my face.........I decided to do it better
Stills Days.....That's me
Film days........1978
There were light meters......
and ARRI Bl 16.......
Then the ENG....