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Utrish - Russia "The Dolphin warriors"

Born in Tel Aviv 3.11.1955
1973 – Matriculated in Tel Aviv.
1973- 3 years army service
1977-1981- studied and graduated with a BA the Tel Aviv university ,film & Television department,
1978- Parallel to my studies, started working for the ARD German Television Middle East bureau as a camera assistant and later as a producer Based in Tel Aviv ARD covered political and cultural events in Iran Turkey Greece Cyprus Israel and Palestine. During the Iranian revolution was there as a camera assistant and producer.
1982- a photographer and cameraman for the Israeli Government Press Office during the Lebanon war. Went with Prime Minister Begin to all corners of the world on official visits.
1983- Took part in a learning program for cameraman at the WDR in Colon Then worked on a TV series “10 grad sot” a road series of 9 chapters for Franc X Gernstl and Megahertz TV Munich..
1983-1985- worked as a cameraman for the company “Histo-Tel”researching and shooting historical films.” “Ein Grab in Seeon”about Anastasia of Romanov.”Der Bayerische Hirs’l” “Catalonian Easter”
1985-1986-Worked as a Cameraman for Film house Muenchen"
At that time Europe's greatest advertising Film Company. Was responsible for the Pack Shots Department.Shot for leading companies like Toblerone Braun Marlboro and more. Shot two video clips
1987-1990- Worked as a freelance cameraman in Munich Germany.  Lightning cameraman in the game show “Ruck Zuck” for Grundy and Arri TV Germany.Clients like the Bavarian Television, Other German TV Stations, and Goethe institute, BBC Panorama. Have shot and produced documentaries.between them – “Avantguard Jazz in New York” Stockhausen’s Opera in La Scala di Milano
1990- Sent to Israel to be the cameraman of ARD German Television in the region.The fact that I speak fluently Hebrew Arabic German and French let me experience and do for my studio in Tel Aviv much more than just shooting. I shoot four Documentaries a year and all the news items for the ARD from the region, since.
1991- Shot and co arranged the coverage of the golf war.
1995 – Shot the documentary “The dolphin warriors” about the use of dolphins for military purpose for the company Telcast Muenchen The film was shot in Russia, USA, Israel. Germany.
1999-Co produced in Israel the film “Emillie Schindler” for the Bavaria Studios in Munich.
1990-2000- Still working for ARD in Israel, in the last year shot the following films for German TV.
 “The Jerusalem Syndrome” About those who arrive to Jerusalem as normal tourists and leave it thinking they are Jesuss
“I don’t have another country”(1998 60 min.) A Documentary for ARD to 50 years Israel
“The trance” (1999 30min)Tel Aviv The capital of Trance music
“The nights of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (2000 28min) Tel Aviv plays while Jerusalem prays......
The Rabies and the internet (2000 30 min)
2000-2001 -During the Al Aksa Intifada the character of my job has changed.Nevertheless we managed to produce some projects that did not need an armoured car  a helmet
Three Children 2001 45Min. About life of 3 thirteen yrs.old kids in Israel.
Stop over Israel 2001. 28Min. About the autumn migration of Cranes & Pelicans   
Weltreisen March - Nov.2002 30 min.a trip through the Negev desert .
The  Dying dead see 30 min. The dead see is drying out.